Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Benefits of Responsive Website Design a Website Design Officer Should Never Forget

Even as we are preparing this article for you, we cannot help but wonder “what sort of device are you reading it on?”
The way things are shaping up; there is a great chance that you are reading this text on your smart phone as you sit in a coffee shop or your class for that matter. Back in 2010 it was estimated that more than 16% of internet usage was through handheld mobile devices. By 2015, this number has surpassed 37% and from the looks of it’s not stopping there. As a Website Design Officer, if you have not thought about Responsive website Design you will definitely reconsider it after going through the text below.
 Top Benefits of Responsive Website Design:-
-          Future Proofing your Website:-
o   The basic principle behind responsive website design is to provide seamless display and functionality on a wide range of devices that currently exist in the market. With responsive website design you are also prepping your websites for the devices of the future.
-          Enhanced User Experience:-
o   If you can make your customers happy, you can make your business happy. Today’s customers are happy being able to visit any website regardless of the device on which they view it on.
-          Better SEO:-
o   Managing SEO for mobile and desktop websites separately is difficult for any website design officer. Besides, Responsive Websites are highly recommended by Google.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Simple Ways to Make your Website Design Berwick More Disability Friendly

It is estimated that there more than 1 billion people in the world with disabilities. This means that if websites were not designed keeping in mind the needs of disabled persons, websites owners will be deprived from more than a billion potential visitors, customers and contributors. The Internet has yet to achieve complete “Disability Friendly” status. Nonetheless, it is safe to say that we have come a long way in our approach towards accessible website design Berwick. The following text elaborates on the simple ways that you can make your website more accessible for disabled people.

Alt Tags:-
“Alt Tags” are the tiny text that pop on the screen whenever you hover your mouse over an image. Basically, alt tags are descriptions of the image they represent. Often they are very distinct descriptions due to which even if an image is not loaded the alt text is enough to give you an idea of what the image was. Disabled people who use different accessibility options such as the screen magnifier and the “read out loud” feature (software that reads text on a website out loud) can benefit significantly from alt tags if they are unable to clearly see the image due to their disability.

Practicing Smart Colour Choices:-
With small colour considerations in Website Design Berwick, you can make sure that your design is easily legible. For example:-
-       Always use black text on white background.
-       If you have to use colours make sure that you place yellow, blue and green together.

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Monday, February 29, 2016

Simple Techniques for Graphic Design Clayton

Complex Graphic Designs are time consuming and difficult to implement. Some of the advanced graphic design techniques we see today add plenty of depth to your material but if used incorrectly they nothing more than distracting viewers from the project’s intended purpose. In such cases if the graphic design Clayton incorporated simpler effects, the design may be able to reach its desired effect. The following text elaborates on some very simple techniques that can add to the aesthetic value of your design without distracting viewers.

Add Contrast:-
By adding contrast you are able to attract the viewer’s attention to important areas on your design. Making creative use of contrast is the most under used and overlooked techniques.

Apply gradients:-
Adding gradients to your design gives a nice subtle visual flow, provided that it is used sensibly. Gradients in Graphic Design Clayton can come in any of the following forms:-
-          Horizontal Gradients.
-          Green Radial Gradients.
-          Faint Diagonal Gradients.
-          Light Vertical fade.
-          Vertical gradient in navigation bars.
-          Bright linear fade.

Selecting the right colours can be a challenge. However, it is easy to spend too much time deciding on colours. When you use colours sparingly and creatively it becomes much more easy attracting attention to your website.

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Friday, February 26, 2016

Essential Tips for Excellent Logo Design and Graphic Design Narre Warren

It is a common misconception that designing a Logo is a simple task. Besides how important can it be since it is usually the smallest visible thing on your screen! But, one should not underestimate the importance of your company logo as it is the only thing that identifies your brand without any words, images or representatives. Today, one very important and common application of Graphic Design Narre Warren is Logo design. And companies invest significant amounts of time and resources on the perfect logo. In the following text contains excellent advice for making a logo to represent your brand.

Blend Uniqueness and Cleverness as much as possible:-
In many cases, going with the trend and imitating successful designs is the best way to go. On the contrary this rule does not apply to logo designs. A logo is what distinguishes a brand from its competitors that is why an image has to be created that stands out from the rest. If you wish to check the originality of your Graphic Design Narre Warren, you can verify it on plagiarism sites such a “Logo Thief”.

Align your Logo with your brand:-
Your logo is just an image, but it is also an introduction to your business. All successful logos that we see today have a history, for example you might have noticed the missing “byte” in the fruit of Apple’s logo. As well as missing pieces in the logo for Wikipedia. All of these logos have a history behind them; make sure that you keep your brand history in mind when working on your logo.

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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Security Best Practices that Web Development Officer needs to Implement Every time

It is a lesser known fact, but Internet Security has lesser to do with technology rather than risk management. Today there are more than 255 million websites and there are more than 2 billion active Internet users. On the other side hackers continue to work towards relentlessly attack website level vulnerabilities through SQL Injections, Cross site scripting and screen hijacking. The following text elaborates on the best practices for security that a web development officer should implement in each development project.

Keep Software Up to Date:-
It is obvious, but if you want to protect your website from attacks, then you should make sure that all software is up to date. This may include server side security software or any other software that you are using as part of your website.

Validation and Verification of User Entered Data:-
A validation check may for example make sure that mandatory fields are not kept empty. Verification checks on the other hand make sure that the information entered is correct. A Web Development Officer should make sure that sufficient validation and verification checks have been implemented so that only sensible and valid data has been entered.

In the event of someone hacking in and stealing valuable data, passwords can help minimise the damage caused or if the password is strong hacking may be prevented altogether.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Tips for Keeping Website Development Beaconsfield Costs Low!

A business without a website is incomplete these days. Gone are the days of static websites that held information of available products, rates and the address of the place of business. Today’s websites are an integral part of any business as daily transaction are either initiated or terminated from the web. Keeping up with the competition it is important that website development Beaconsfield is carried out in the most cost and time efficient manner possible. About a decade ago that would have been a simple task (with today’s tools) however today’s websites have become increasingly complex that require knowledge in various areas such as development languages, security and database integration and responsive design. The following text briefly outlines how the most cost effective route towards website development Beaconsfield can be taken keeping in mind these constraints.
Have VERY Clear Specifications:-
There is nothing more discouraging and time consuming then knowing that you have created a website that is not up to the standard of the business owner. Regardless of who is to blame in the matter, a misinterpreted specification can set your project back drastically.
Produce Something FAST:-
Your specifications should be outlined in such a way that you know what the website owner requires the most. Keeping in line with these requirements you should commence with Website Development Beaconsfield to produce a high priority component of the website so that the business can start using it right away.
Give your Developers the Tools that they need:-
It is ironic but very common that development companies give their developers tools that are inadequate or non-existent altogether just to save up on the costs. However, studies show that the money that you save is much less compared to the loss of productivity.
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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

How Major Stakeholders Delay Website Development Clayton

No matter how enthusiastic or willing you are about a certain project, if the key stakeholders or your team for that matter don’t share your zeal then your project is doomed to fail before it even starts. Significant amount of time and resources goes into planning a project and then executing it. Experienced project managers have a fair idea of all possible delays that might occur and they set out their project plan with them in mind. In the following text we have highlighted the most common ways that website development Clayton can be delayed by major stakeholders.
Your Main Contact is either too hard to find or unavailable:-
Whenever a website development team takes up a new project, they always ask the client to identify who the “main contact” is. This person should be from within the client’s organisation and he/she should be able to communicate and approve certain details about the Website Development Clayton. If this main contact takes time to respond to the development team’s questions the whole project gets delayed.
Your Main Contact Does not Have Enough Authority:-
Ok so the client went ahead and provided you with a representative to answer all your questions, great. But can this representative make decisions? If this person does not have the authority to approve major website development decisions then the routine of “I will talk to my boss and let you know…” will cause indefinite delays in the project.
There are too many people involved:-
Matters are made worse when even the smallest of decisions has to be approved by a whole “board” of members. Not only will this take time, but it is very rare that all members will agree to the decision right away! Imagine having too many cooks in a kitchen.

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Monday, February 22, 2016

Changes in Website Design Narre Warren than Help Reduce Page Reduce Time

As humans there is nothing we hate more than waiting on something to happen. We hate waiting for ordered food, we hate waiting in line for concert tickets, we hate waiting to receive something we ordered online and the peak of our impatience can be seen when we encounter a webpage that takes too long to load. In the text below, we have gathered some interesting tips and tricks that can help reduce page load times once implemented in your website design Narre Warren.
Optimize Images:-
 Many web designers make the mistake of uploading large images and reducing its size through CSS. What they don’t realize is the browser will load it at its full size anyway. The best way to optimize an image before uploading it is to scale your images before you upload them so that your visitors don’t have to wait on a large image to load.
Integrate Browser Caching:-
You don’t have to make your visitors download the same content every time they visit. What you can do is set a browser cache through a browser caching company so the visitor does not have to wait on the same data to be downloaded on each visit.
Apply Compression:-
Website compression is a server side setting that Website Design Narre Warren experts are rarely familiar with. With its help you can reduce the size of your website by 50% to 60% primarily off of your HTML and CSS.

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Friday, February 19, 2016

The Importance of Effective Planning in Website Design Berwick

Creating an effective plan is important for any websites success. Your website will have no value unless your visitors are presented with an ergonomic layout. It should always be remembered that the primary goal of developing a site is to promote understanding. Specifically:-
“The Intent of a web presentation is for a sponsoring organisation or presenter and user to reach a Mutual Understanding by means of electronic connection”.In the text below we will take a deeper look the key steps towards effective planning in website design Berwick.
Plan the Structure:-
To be able to effectively plan the structure, you need to have a better understanding of your business and the intended target market. This will help you determine how your site is structured.
Plan the Pages:-
Constructing the pages effectively enhances the usability and naturally drives your visitors to the information you want them to see.
Plan the Navigation:-
People tend to lack patience online and that is why the average user spends 30 seconds or less on a web page before moving on. It should be the goal of Website Design Berwick to create a navigation system that allows visitors to know where they are and to get back to where they started within 3 clicks or less.
Define the Purpose:-
Having a clear purpose in mind is important because it becomes the focus of all your endeavours and helps you determine the most appropriate objectives for your business.
Define the Audience:
Having an idea of your existing and potential visitors increases your chances of promoting your product or services in a more effective manner.
Plan the Content:-
You can make use of the different types of media including text, graphics, video, audio and animation. Combining the different types of media will enhance the user experience and expand the reach of your message.
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Thursday, February 18, 2016

How a Website Design Officer Measures the Overall Usability of a Website

Usability is defined the ease of use and learnability of a man-made object. In the realm of software development, usability is defined as the degree to which software can be used by specific customers to achieve measurable objects with effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction. The following text elaborates on how a website design officer measures the overall usability of a website.

The Major Quality Components:-
To make sure that the website is in fact “usable” it has to meet the following criteria:-
-       User Satisfaction.
-       Little or No Errors.
-       More Learnability.
-       Efficiency.
-       Memorability.

User Satisfaction:-
You might have heard of the fact that an average user spends 30 seconds or less on a web page before moving on to another web page or website for that matter. Well, it’s true that when it comes to being online we humans are the most impatient. If your website promotes user satisfaction then there is a great chance that your average customer will not only come back for more but they will also recommend your website to other users as well.

Little or No Errors:-
A Website Design Officer has to take into consideration how many errors a user has made and more importantly how severe those errors are. The errors that an average user makes is partly their own fault however for most part it is the fault of the website that failed to promote ease of use and understandability.  

Users should be able to accomplish basic tasks within their first visit. If your website showcases complex designs, then chances are that users will not be able to make the most out of your website.

Once users have learned the design, how quickly can they perform basic tasks on your website?

When users come back to your website, how easily can they reestablish fluency with your website?

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Future of Graphic Design Berwick

If you think that you have what it takes to become a graphic designer and intend to take up a career in Graphic Design Berwick, the following text will give the essential information to help you on your path to success.
What is a Graphic Designer?
Graphic Designers work with visual elements to communicate with an audience in the form of Print, Electronic Media, Illustrations, Photography and Animations that are later presented using various Print, Animations, Digital and Layout Techniques.
What type of Graphic Design Berwick does a Graphic Designer Produce?
Graphic Designers Develop the Overall Layout and Production Design of:-
-          Magazines.
-          Corporate Reports.
-          Distinctive Logos
-          Newspapers
-          Promotional Display.
-          Internet Web Pages.
-          Journals.
-          Marketing Brochures.
-          Interactive Media.
How Much Training and Education Does a Graphic Designer Need?
-          Most companies require a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, on the other hand other companies value skills such as familiarity with computer graphics software, creativity, communications and problems skills are also very highly valued.
-          The field of Graphic Design Berwick is one that requires professionals to keep themselves regularly with the latest technologies and trends.
-           Furthermore, Graphic Designers are required to regularly update their portfolio (their best work) and present it in an interview.
The Possibilities of Getting a Job as Graphic Designer:-
In 2008, there were almost 300,000 Graphic Designers employed at various capacities. It is expected that his number will cross the 350,000 mark by 2018.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Behind the Scene” Tasks Involved in Creating Effective Graphic Design Camberwell

If you think that a graphic designer sits in front of his canvas (PC) all night and day violently sketching with his paint brush (mouse) to create masterpieces of art, then you couldn’t be further from the truth. There is nothing informal about Graphic Design Camberwell, it is a well-planned systematic process that comprises of smaller incredibly important tasks that are usually completed by the Graphic Designer. The following text will elaborate on some of them.

Today, Graphic Design has become part of a wide range of businesses including music, education, construction, sports and web development. That is why a graphic designer should be able to communicate effectively with both the clients and the Graphic Design Camberwellteam.

A graphic designer should be able to effectively create and share plans with clients. These plans can be in the form of visuals, drawings, text and even presentations.
Once the client has approved the design, the graphic designer should be able prepare layouts that are capable of showcasing the client’s exact specifications
Project Planning:-
The process of Graphic Design Camberwell involves contributions of various professionals including photographers, copywriters, web developers and printers. Graphic designers should be able to coordinate with the different professionals regarding matters such as time and budget.

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Monday, February 8, 2016

Web Development Berwick Using the Waterfall Model

A successful project is easier said than done. To be able create a product that is up to par with customer satisfaction requires extensive planning, careful execution and meticulous testing. In the past the Software Development Life Cycle SDLC has been used by development teams to create projects for big clients. It is only logical to apply the same concept for web development Berwick. The following text elaborates on the different phases of the “Web” Development Life Cycle.
This phase establishes the project goal and project feasibility. Various factors including project cost and practicality are taken under consideration.
Requirement Analysis:-
An intensive discussion conducted between web development Berwick team and the client to uncover the functions and operations expected from the website.   
Website Design:-
The outcome of this phase are detailed documents that describe operations and functions like screen layout and process diagrams.
This is where actual coding is done. The success of this phase depends heavily on the skills of your Web Development Berwick expert.
In this phase the website is put through various testing environments and tools to identify and remove any errors to ensure a smooth execution.
Once the website has cleared the testing phase and all bugs have been removed, the website goes live after getting approved by the client.
The Web Development Berwick services are not only responsible for the creation and execution of successful website, they are also responsible for making sure that it operates smoothly for agreed upon time. 

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Friday, February 5, 2016

The Most Common Mistakes in Website Development Clayton

With millions of website in existence today, it is astonishing that most people haven’t yet figured out the necessary features that should be part of a website. To this day some website developers continue to make the same mistakes without realising their effect. The following text elaborates on the biggest mistakes in website development Clayton.
Lack of Input Validation:-
There is an old saying in the realm of web development; “Never Trust the User Input!!” Humans are prone to making big blunders. So why should entering data in the front-end of a website be any different? If you input requires text, then that is exactly what should be provided, otherwise you are facing a risk of invalid data. Sure including validation checks is time consuming, but they should be a standard feature on all Web Development Clayton projects.
Authentication without Proper Authorization:-
To understand this mistake you must first understand the difference between the two.
Authentication is identifying who a user is, while Authorization is what a user can do. Often web developers make the mistake of allowing users to make certain changes for which they have no security clearance. For example, if you request a password change then your web application should at least make sure that you have the right to change the password and/or you are changing your own password and not someone else’s.
Lack of SEO:-
If you wish that your website shows up among the top results on a SERP (Search Engine Results Page) you must make sure that your website is Search Engine Optimized. SEO itself is a big responsibility, and requires a dedicated SEO team. That is why clients and businesses of today are willing to pay vast sums for extensive SEO services in parallel to Website Development Clayton.
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