Monday, February 29, 2016

Simple Techniques for Graphic Design Clayton

Complex Graphic Designs are time consuming and difficult to implement. Some of the advanced graphic design techniques we see today add plenty of depth to your material but if used incorrectly they nothing more than distracting viewers from the project’s intended purpose. In such cases if the graphic design Clayton incorporated simpler effects, the design may be able to reach its desired effect. The following text elaborates on some very simple techniques that can add to the aesthetic value of your design without distracting viewers.

Add Contrast:-
By adding contrast you are able to attract the viewer’s attention to important areas on your design. Making creative use of contrast is the most under used and overlooked techniques.

Apply gradients:-
Adding gradients to your design gives a nice subtle visual flow, provided that it is used sensibly. Gradients in Graphic Design Clayton can come in any of the following forms:-
-          Horizontal Gradients.
-          Green Radial Gradients.
-          Faint Diagonal Gradients.
-          Light Vertical fade.
-          Vertical gradient in navigation bars.
-          Bright linear fade.

Selecting the right colours can be a challenge. However, it is easy to spend too much time deciding on colours. When you use colours sparingly and creatively it becomes much more easy attracting attention to your website.

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