Monday, February 22, 2016

Changes in Website Design Narre Warren than Help Reduce Page Reduce Time

As humans there is nothing we hate more than waiting on something to happen. We hate waiting for ordered food, we hate waiting in line for concert tickets, we hate waiting to receive something we ordered online and the peak of our impatience can be seen when we encounter a webpage that takes too long to load. In the text below, we have gathered some interesting tips and tricks that can help reduce page load times once implemented in your website design Narre Warren.
Optimize Images:-
 Many web designers make the mistake of uploading large images and reducing its size through CSS. What they don’t realize is the browser will load it at its full size anyway. The best way to optimize an image before uploading it is to scale your images before you upload them so that your visitors don’t have to wait on a large image to load.
Integrate Browser Caching:-
You don’t have to make your visitors download the same content every time they visit. What you can do is set a browser cache through a browser caching company so the visitor does not have to wait on the same data to be downloaded on each visit.
Apply Compression:-
Website compression is a server side setting that Website Design Narre Warren experts are rarely familiar with. With its help you can reduce the size of your website by 50% to 60% primarily off of your HTML and CSS.

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