Tuesday, February 23, 2016

How Major Stakeholders Delay Website Development Clayton

No matter how enthusiastic or willing you are about a certain project, if the key stakeholders or your team for that matter don’t share your zeal then your project is doomed to fail before it even starts. Significant amount of time and resources goes into planning a project and then executing it. Experienced project managers have a fair idea of all possible delays that might occur and they set out their project plan with them in mind. In the following text we have highlighted the most common ways that website development Clayton can be delayed by major stakeholders.
Your Main Contact is either too hard to find or unavailable:-
Whenever a website development team takes up a new project, they always ask the client to identify who the “main contact” is. This person should be from within the client’s organisation and he/she should be able to communicate and approve certain details about the Website Development Clayton. If this main contact takes time to respond to the development team’s questions the whole project gets delayed.
Your Main Contact Does not Have Enough Authority:-
Ok so the client went ahead and provided you with a representative to answer all your questions, great. But can this representative make decisions? If this person does not have the authority to approve major website development decisions then the routine of “I will talk to my boss and let you know…” will cause indefinite delays in the project.
There are too many people involved:-
Matters are made worse when even the smallest of decisions has to be approved by a whole “board” of members. Not only will this take time, but it is very rare that all members will agree to the decision right away! Imagine having too many cooks in a kitchen.

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