Friday, February 5, 2016

The Most Common Mistakes in Website Development Clayton

With millions of website in existence today, it is astonishing that most people haven’t yet figured out the necessary features that should be part of a website. To this day some website developers continue to make the same mistakes without realising their effect. The following text elaborates on the biggest mistakes in website development Clayton.
Lack of Input Validation:-
There is an old saying in the realm of web development; “Never Trust the User Input!!” Humans are prone to making big blunders. So why should entering data in the front-end of a website be any different? If you input requires text, then that is exactly what should be provided, otherwise you are facing a risk of invalid data. Sure including validation checks is time consuming, but they should be a standard feature on all Web Development Clayton projects.
Authentication without Proper Authorization:-
To understand this mistake you must first understand the difference between the two.
Authentication is identifying who a user is, while Authorization is what a user can do. Often web developers make the mistake of allowing users to make certain changes for which they have no security clearance. For example, if you request a password change then your web application should at least make sure that you have the right to change the password and/or you are changing your own password and not someone else’s.
Lack of SEO:-
If you wish that your website shows up among the top results on a SERP (Search Engine Results Page) you must make sure that your website is Search Engine Optimized. SEO itself is a big responsibility, and requires a dedicated SEO team. That is why clients and businesses of today are willing to pay vast sums for extensive SEO services in parallel to Website Development Clayton.
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