Monday, February 8, 2016

Web Development Berwick Using the Waterfall Model

A successful project is easier said than done. To be able create a product that is up to par with customer satisfaction requires extensive planning, careful execution and meticulous testing. In the past the Software Development Life Cycle SDLC has been used by development teams to create projects for big clients. It is only logical to apply the same concept for web development Berwick. The following text elaborates on the different phases of the “Web” Development Life Cycle.
This phase establishes the project goal and project feasibility. Various factors including project cost and practicality are taken under consideration.
Requirement Analysis:-
An intensive discussion conducted between web development Berwick team and the client to uncover the functions and operations expected from the website.   
Website Design:-
The outcome of this phase are detailed documents that describe operations and functions like screen layout and process diagrams.
This is where actual coding is done. The success of this phase depends heavily on the skills of your Web Development Berwick expert.
In this phase the website is put through various testing environments and tools to identify and remove any errors to ensure a smooth execution.
Once the website has cleared the testing phase and all bugs have been removed, the website goes live after getting approved by the client.
The Web Development Berwick services are not only responsible for the creation and execution of successful website, they are also responsible for making sure that it operates smoothly for agreed upon time. 

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